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Rotary Hearth Furnace (Carousel Furnace)



Heating Method: electrical resistance heating
Power: 2 x 90 kW
Chamber Dimensions: Ø2500 x 500 mm - maximum charge size: Ø 600 x 300 mm
Max. Operating Temperature: 1000 °C
Temperature Accuracy in the Oven Chamber: ±5 °C
Thermal Insulation: corundum bottom/ceramic fibre insulation
Controls: Schneider PLC
Data Logging: JUMO recorder
Application: heating of parts under N2 atmosphere prior to pressing and establishing a carbon level to prevent decarbonisation by adding methanol


This is a directly heated annealing or heat treatment furnace that is designed for continuous operation and with an annular or plate bottom. The charge is placed on, and moves with, the bottom through the furnace chamber, while the required core temperature is achieved. It is also available in a gas fired design. Depending on the weight of each batch, the charge is put in and taken out by a mechanical manipulator or by hand through a special door in the front panel of the furnace. The furnace can be operated under a protective atmosphere. In such a case, the door has to be fitted with a flame curtain. It is easy to operate, in turn requiring a medium amount of manpower, or none if a mechanical manipulator is used. The operating costs depend on the type of protective gas used.


Heat treatment of mass produced components


The dimensions, weight and quantity of the parts and target parameters of the heat treatment process.


Process objective, heat treating temperature and temperature accuracy, a time/temperature curve of the heat treating process, dimensions and weight of products, method of loading and unloading, the equipment required for loading and unloading, protective atmosphere requirements, heat treatment capacity requirement (kg/h), oven operating hours, heating method requirements (gas or electrical), etc.

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Our core business is the manufacture of industrial furnaces and thermal process equipment in accordance with the customer’s process specifications and technical requirements.

We provide troubleshooting, regular or occasional maintenance, as well as the renewal and upgrade of industrial furnaces.

Our company has gained a lot of experience in the construction of steel structures. We ourselves do minor cutting works, while, for doing large-scale ones, we cooperate with highly experienced professional companies.

We undertake the annealing and stress relieving heat treatment of large and heavy workpieces in the furnace.