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Production of Steel Structures


Besides manufacturing products for our customers, we also perform background mechanical production; therefore, we have, within Csepel Works, a 2,500 m2 production hall equipped with all equipment required for the production of steel structures, and maintain close cooperation with nearby companies to meet our laser cutting and machining needs. An agile team of locksmiths and welding professionals ensures, under the supervision and management of our factory manager, technologist and welding engineer, the timely and precise manufacturing of products.

We undertake to manufacture primarily high-quality custom-designed equipment and machines, but we are also ready to construct and erect of all kinds of steel structure for both domestic and foreign customers. The advanced technologies we utilize highly require the use of high-alloy stainless steels, so we are well aware of, and frequently apply, acid-resistant, stainless and heat-resistant steel grades as well as their manufacturing technologies. On demand, we are also ready to deliver and install our products with an experienced staff of installers headed by our installation manager.

Our steel plant is equipped with the following tools and machinery:

  • Manual roller, max. 2 mm sheet thickness, from 70 mm diameter, up to 1000 mm width;
  • Mechanical roller, max. 4 mm sheet thickness, from 200 mm diameter, up to 2000 mm width;
  • Mechanical edge bending machine, max. 4 mm sheet thickness up to 2000 mm width;
  • Hydraulic edge bending machine, 200 tons, max. 5 mm sheet thickness up to 3000 mm and max. 10 mm sheet thickness up to 1500 mm;
  • Band saw, max. 250 mm diameter;
  • Straightening press, 160 tons;
  • Radial (arm) drilling machine RFH 75/1500;
  • Mechanical plate shears, max. 3 mm sheet thickness up to 1000 mm width;
  • Hydraulic plate shears, max. 10 mm sheet thickness up to 3000 mm width;
  • 4 protective gas welding machines, 400 A, water-cooled;
  • 2 protective gas welding machines, 300 A, air-cooled (dry);
  • 4 welding transformers, 350 A;
  • 5 inverter welding machines, 160 A;
  • 2 crane bridges – capacity of each: 10 tons, width: 18 m, lifting height: 6 m;
  • Crane bridge – capacity: 10 tons, width: 8 m, lifting height: 15 m;
  • Milling machine with 600 x 200 mm table;
  • Lathe, TOS 200/1500;
  • 2 fork-lift trucks – capacity: 3,500 kg, lifting height: 3300 mm;
  • Automatic plasma cutter, 7000 x 3000 mm, carbon steel up to 12 mm sheet thickness, heat-resistant steel up to 10 mm sheet thickness;
  • Automatic cutting torch, 3000 x 2000, up to 200 mm sheet thickness.


Our core business is the manufacture of industrial furnaces and thermal process equipment in accordance with the customer’s process specifications and technical requirements.

We provide troubleshooting, regular or occasional maintenance, as well as the renewal and upgrade of industrial furnaces.

Our company has gained a lot of experience in the construction of steel structures. We ourselves do minor cutting works, while, for doing large-scale ones, we cooperate with highly experienced professional companies.

We undertake the annealing and stress relieving heat treatment of large and heavy workpieces in the furnace.