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Push-Through Oven



This is a directly or indirectly heated oven that is designed for continuous operation. Products to be heat-treated are mechanically pushed through the oven. When a heat-treated batch is unloaded at the oven discharge, a new batch enters the oven chamber, and then the line moves one batch forward. Charge batches move on the fire-resistant bottom rails of the oven. Batch units should be rectangular in shape (being either rectangular workpieces or rectangular baskets for smaller products). Heat-treated products are discharged through an opening in the faceplate, a hole in the bottom or through the oven side panel by using a transversal pusher. Fans are installed in the oven top, and radiant tubes on the side panels. To ensure uniform heat distribution, the oven can be fitted with a muffle. Push-Through ovens are the simplest heat treating units designed for continuous mass production and do not require any handling mechanism to be installed inside the oven chamber.


Annealing and continuous carburisation of mass produced products.


Process objective, heat treating temperature and temperature accuracy, the time/temperature curve of the heat treating process, dimensions and weight of products, method of loading and unloading the products, the equipment required for loading and unloading, protective atmosphere requirements, heat treatment capacity requirement (kg/h), oven operating hours, heating method requirements (gas or electrical), etc.

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