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Low Temperature Drying Tunnel Oven

Alacsony hőmérsékletű szárító alagútkemence


Heating Method: natural gas firing, direct
Power: 3500 kW
Chamber Dimensions: 4 x 3 x 100 m
Max. Operating Temperature: 150 °C
Batch Weight: continuous mechanical feeding
Thermal Insulation: Rockwool, 160 kg/m3
Controls: PLC, PC, Ethernet, Internet access
Data Logging: continuous data logging on PC
Application: drying of coloured resin coating on steel sheets


This is a directly heated tunnel oven that is designed for continuous operation and with a conveyor to move products through the 12 heating zones. Each zone has a powerful fan to ensure a high airflow and good temperature accuracy. The fans blow hot air through an appropriately dimensioned blow wall onto the products. Fresh air is supplied through motorised louvres. The louvre position is continuously controlled with the current positions being displayed in percentage on the control panel. Louvres can be adjusted from a touchscreen panel only by the shift leader as well as the operator in charge of the equipment with a dedicated password access. Without a password being entered successfully, the equipment parameters, including the heating zone temperatures, exhaust louvre positions and other process parameters, cannot be changed.


Used to receive and dry products or materials that are applied to those products that are continuously coming from a production line.


Drying temperature and heat demand, temperature accuracy requirement and other process parameters (heating-up time, airflow requirement, etc.)

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