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Drying and Cross-Linkage Oven



Heating Method electric resistance heating
Power: 6 kW
Chamber Dimensions: 800 x 1200 x 800 mm
Max. Operating Temperature: 120 °C
Temperature Accuracy in an Oven Chamber ± 1 °C
Batch Weight 20 kg
Thermal Insulation: 90 kg/m3 rock wool
 Controls: PLC and solid state relays, OMRON temperature control
Application: mainly drying parts for the electrical industry


This oven is similar in design to box ovens with direct electrical heating, the differences being a much lower operating temperature and much more stringent temperature accuracy requirements. An oven is normally categorised as a drying oven (drying stove) up to a temperature of 150°C. A powerful fan is used to force air in and out and to ensure air circulation for even heat distribution. A vacuum application is also possible to remove gas pockets from synthetic resin. First, a vacuum is created without the fan operating, which is then followed by air being let in and convective heating.


Drying, curing of, and promoting, cross linkage of the resin filler in synthetic resin-bonded bobbins that are used in the electrical industry (power supply units, transformers, motor rotors, etc.).


Drying and cross bonding temperature and heat requirements, temperature accuracy requirement, other process parameters (heating-up time, airflow rate, etc.).

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