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Copper Smelting Furnace



Copper smelting furnaces are normally indirectly heated, electric resistance heated or natural gas fired or induction crucible furnaces. The melting point of copper is 1084.62°C. Therefore, such furnaces are designed to have a maximum operating temperature of 1250°C. Furnace designs are usually dynamic and tilting.


Copper smelting furnaces are normally used by raw material producers.


Selection should be based on the size of the batches that are to be melted in one go and the intensity of the use of the melt. The volumetric capacity, output, design and number of furnaces should be defined accordingly.

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Our core business is the manufacture of industrial furnaces and thermal process equipment in accordance with the customer’s process specifications and technical requirements.

We provide troubleshooting, regular or occasional maintenance, as well as the renewal and upgrade of industrial furnaces.

Our company has gained a lot of experience in the construction of steel structures. We ourselves do minor cutting works, while, for doing large-scale ones, we cooperate with highly experienced professional companies.

We undertake the annealing and stress relieving heat treatment of large and heavy workpieces in the furnace.