We have, since the early 1990s, been manufacturing customised industrial furnaces, some of which are also installed abroad. A steady growth has been achieved over the years through continuously modernising processes, developing products and using state-of-the-art materials and technology. To maintain and improve quality, our processes have been certified for the ISO 9001:2000 standard. We are also certified for the welding standards EWF, EN, ISO 3834-3 and DIN 18800-7.

Our products are designed and manufactured to our customers’ individual requirements and are primarily used by automotive suppliers, hardening shops and bearing manufacturers. Our range includes multi-purpose box ovens, pit furnaces, bell furnaces, car bottom furnaces, roller conveyor ovens and tunnel ovens with electrical or gas fired heating, even in protective atmosphere designs, and up to a maximum operating temperature of 1600°C. We can repair, maintain and renew/upgrade all such furnaces and other heat treatment equipment, all while providing continuous technical support.

We have English, German and Romanian speakers on our staff to receive existing and future customers enquiries on, and purchase orders for, our products and semi-products.

As the complexity of the design, manufacture, assembly and maintenance of furnaces requires diverse and extensive expertise, we have qualified staff to carry out the following activities:

  • dismantling, relocating and commissioning used equipment and machinery
  • adapting furnaces from third party suppliers for use in Hungary including installation (supervision of the installation with professional support) and the obtaining of permits and licences
  • designing and manufacturing flue gas and other exhaust systems
  • steel structure fabrication, civil works, mechanical engineering, design and manufacture of gas-fired and electrical thermal process equipment and obtaining licences for the same
  • welding by certified welders; manufacture of vessels
  • constructing heat-resistant, acid-proof, alkali-proof and stainless systems; designing and installing fire-proof and heat-resistant insulations
  • transport, installation and assembly of machinery
  • Our core business is the manufacture of industrial furnaces and thermal process equipment (including design engineering, steel structure fabrication, production of special refractory lining and insulation, production of control electronics, as well as on-site mechanical and electrical installation and commissioning) in accordance with the customer’s process specifications and technical requirements.
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    We provide troubleshooting, regular or occasional maintenance, as well as the renewal and upgrade of industrial furnaces. If your furnace fails, we will quickly identify the fault and manufacture any required parts per a pattern or any drawings that are made available. On request, we will install the parts and attend or manage the start-up process.
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    Since its establishment, our company has gained, as a supplier, a lot of experience in the construction of steel structures. Our staff of highly qualified professionals is engaged primarily in the production of furnace houses and other house-like steel structures in our production hall within Csepel Works. However, this does not necessarily imply an exclusive profile, as we have already been very successful also in the production of component parts, concrete elements, factory templates, lifting devices, etc. We ourselves do minor cutting works, while, for doing large-scale ones, we cooperate with highly experienced professional companies.
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    It’s a pleasure for us to present our large chamber KGYV-OFU stress relieving truck furnace specifically designed for the tempering heat treatment of bulky welded steel structures. Learn more about the technical parameters of our furnace.
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