Steel Structures

Antal Kft has a manufacturing facility with a floor area of 2500 sqm. within the Csepel Művek Industrial Park, which is furnished with all the equipment that is necessary for steel structure fabrication in order to enable us to keep all the processes related to the manufacture of industrial furnaces and the associated machinery in-house. We also have an established partnership with companies on adjacent sites in terms of laser cutting and machining. A team of skilled fitters and welders helps ensure fast and quality production under the direction and supervision of a plant manager, technician and welding engineer. We are specialised in fabricating highly sophisticated machinery per our clients’ drawings and also in undertaking to make any steel structures for customers in both Hungary and abroad. Industrial furnaces and related processes require the extensive use of high-alloyed quality steel. We are, therefore, conversant with and use acid-proof, stainless and refractory steel and steel production processes. On request, our products can be delivered and installed on-site by our installation team that is led by a site manager.

Our steel fabrication facility is equipped with the following tools and machinery:

  • Manual rolling mill; 2 mm of max. gauge, 70 mm of min. diameter, 1000 mm of max. width
  • Power rolling mill; 4 mm of max. gauge, 200 mm of min. diameter, 2000 mm of max. width
  • Mechanical press brake; up to a gauge of 4 mm and a width of 2000 mm
  • Hydraulic press brake; 200 tonnes, up to 3000 mm with a gauge of 5 mm, up to 1500 mm with a gauge of 10 mm
  • Bandsaw; up to a diameter of 250 mm
  • Straightening press, 160 tonnes
  • Radial drill RFH 75/1500
  • Mechanical sheet shears; up to a gauge of 3 mm and width of 1000 mm
  • Hydraulic sheet shears; up to a gauge of 10 mm and width of 3000 mm
  • Welders, gas shielded, 400 A, water-cooled, 4 off
  • Welders, gas shielded, 300 A, dry, 2 off
  • Welding transformers, 350 A, 4 off
  • Inverter welders, 160 A, 5 off
  • Overhead cranes with a capacity of 10 tonnes and a lifting height of 6 metres, 18 metres wide, 2 off
  • Overhead crane with a capacity of 10 tonnes and a lifting height of 15 metres, 8 metres wide
  • Milling machine with a table of 600 mm by 200 mm
  • Turning lathe, TOS 200/1500
  • Forklift trucks with a capacity of 3500 kg and a lifting height of 3300 mm, 2 off